Jan 23,2022

2 years ago, January 23rd, 2020 was the day the city of Wuhan was locked down due to the spread of COVID-19.
Since then I stopped watching Japanese news show in TV. Because there was no constructive discussions. Instead there were full of “My best solution to COVID-19” without any evidences or commentators are blaming government or other commentators.
Also, the government lacks the leadership, the actions taken were not based on the science, and sometime the actions were conflicting each other.
I felt it is a good chance for us to learn constructive discussion to make our society better, but learning only cannot make it happens. We need practice. Where? Here, Narashino Discussion Toastmasters Club.

習志野ディスカッション・トーストマスターズクラブはToastmastersの 基本を学んだ経験豊かなトーストマスターのメンバーが集うクラブです。



私たちと一緒に、自信に満ち溢れた説得力のある ”会話力”・”魅力的な表現から生まれるプレゼンス”・”円滑な協力関係を築くリーダーシップ力”を目指してみませんか!














Narashino Discussion Toastmasters Club

Narashino Discussion Toastmasters Club is currently open for new members who consider Toastmasters to improve overall English communication skills including public speaking, delivering a presentation, and gain confidence in your English speaking.  We are a small sized group formed by various skilled members, where a meeting is always carried out in a friendly and matured manner.  On a variety of topics such as world affairs, economy and global issues, we give a speech, discuss and exchange views and opinions among members as an evaluation of the speech performance.  Since the meeting is held online, participants from other cities or even from overseas are all welcome. (*must be over the age of 18)  Furthermore, if you are interested in challenging speech contests, then one of our members, who advanced to the final stage of the District 76 (Japan) International Speech Contest in 2019, would be a great inspiration to you.  We welcome you who aim to learn and develop your full potential through team collaboration.  Please feel free to visit our Narashino Discussion TMC monthly meeting!

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